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Genuine 8mm White Pearl Necklace-Earrings-Bracelet SET

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Beautifully hand-knotted 18.5" long SINGLE strand authentic pearl necklace with AAA grade 7.5-8mm creamy white freshwater pearls, finished with silver tone mesh ball clasp. Pearls are almost perfect round with minor natural blemishes. It comes with a matching 7.5" bracelet and a pair of stud pearl earrings.


Main Stone: natural freshwater pearls
Grade: AAA
Size: 7.5-8mm
Shape: almost perfect round
Nacre: very thick
Necklace Length: 17"
Packing:velvet box


AAA---Best Quality
Close to perfect round shape, Highest Luster, Thickest Nacre, 10% or less flaws/blemishes.
AA+---Better Quality
Shape near round, Higher Luster, Thicker Nacre, 15% or less natural flaws/blemishes.
AA---Good Quality
Shape near round but may not be even, High Luster, Thick Nacre, 25% or less flaws/blemishes.
A---Standard Quality
Standard Luster, Standard Nacre, 35% or less flaws/blemishes.


A. Diameter---the bigger the diameter, the more expensive it is.
B. Shape---the rounder the pearl, the more expensive it is.
C. Luster---the better the luster, the more expensive it is. The luster of a premium pearl is like a mirror and is sold individually.
D. Color---rare colors are more expensive. Black and turquoise are not the natural color of pearls. White, pink, lavender is most common.
E. Nacre---the thicker the nacre, the more expensive it is.

This is only a general rule we use in grading the pearls. Please keep it mind that it is the combination of the four major measurements that determines the grade and thus price. Some pearls maybe AAA in shape, but AA in blemishes....We do our best to reflect the variance of quality through our pricing and we always do our best to give you a detailed description on each individual item.


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