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Freequently Asked Questions

 Q. Are all the watches authentic?
A. All of our watches are 100% authentic name and fason brands as advertised.

. Do you sell used or refurbished watches?
A. We sell only brand new, quality name brand and fason merchandise.

Q. How do you sell the watches at such low prices?
A. We aggressively search the global market for both the latest styles and the lowest prices. By buying tremendous volume and selling strictly over the internet, we have cut our overhead costs.We then pass the most of these savings on to you, our customer.

Q. How come my e-mails are not answered immediately?
A.Typically, we average one e-mail per product sold and respond on a first come first served basis. We try to give each customer the personal attention they deserve. As you can imagine this takes time. We also like to enjoy our nights and weekends just like everyone else. The typical response time for an e-mail received Monday to Friday 09:00- 14:00  is between 1 to 36 hours. (Friday's mail may sometimes not be received until Monday.) We appreciate and welcome all your comments and suggestions. We answer all correspondence.

Q. Are your pictures and descriptions accurate?
A. We make every effort to make our images and descriptions as accurate as possible. Please bear in mind that there are times that what appears one way on our computer monitor may look slightly different on someone else's monitor based on the configuration. We can only see what appears on our monitors. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Q. Do you offer volume discounts? - Can i be a reseller?
A. We offer special volume discounts. You can become our reseller after we communicate so we discuss the way this will work for both.

Please Contact us via e-mail: [email protected]


Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. We offer whatever manufacturers warranty applies to each particular item. Please see product description. 

 All Brands are Registered trademarks of their respective holders. HellasWatch is an independent distributor and is not associated with trademark owners or  the manufacturers of the watches sold except Casio form branded watches.

Casio watches are covered by the manufacturer warranty